Hello, and welcome to the world of Twyrl!

I’m Anka, chef and co-owner at Twyrl. I am so excited to announce the launch of Twyrl@home! I’ve been bringing home pasta for friends to cook at home since we started Twyrl Pasta Bistro, and everyone was so thrilled with it that we decided to make it official. So now we’re going to bring our delicious food right to your door, and just so you know, there’s a good chance that I’ll be the one delivering it.

Have you had fresh pasta before? I mean, really fresh pasta? My mom used to make it by hand when I was growing up (actually, she still does, and sometimes gets the grandkids involved as well)! It’s so delicious, tender without being soggy, nothing like dried box pasta, which is either hard or mushy. Once you’ve had real fresh pasta, you just can’t go back to the box. I have two teenage sons, and I need to warn their girlfriends not to try to impress them with a spaghetti dinner, because they’ve been spoiled for life in the pasta department.

I’ll be posting whenever I can get out of the kitchen or the delivery van, so check in with me! I’ll share my favorite recipes, restaurant stories, and general thoughts. Have a spectacular day!