Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Our Food

Yes. We make pasta fresh daily along with our sauces and toppings!

Do we ever! We carry a well-loved, locally-made Mafalde pasta. All of our sauces and toppings are also gluten-free, with ONE EXCEPTION: our meatballs.

We’re nut free with the exception of the bread, which is baked in a facility that may contain nuts (and Chris who is a complete nut).  We ask that you please specify any allergies in your group and we will pay careful attention to your note.

From the renowned Chabaso Bakery in New Haven, CT.

Yes, you can order everything a la carte, either as a single order or as a subscription. We also sell the pastas and sauces retail in the Arlington restaurant.

Yes, and it will taste just as awesome!

You need to use or freeze our food within 6 days from delivery date. The expiration date will be marked on each item you receive.

Absolutely not!

The Arlington Board of Health performs regular inspections of our facility and procedures. We have maintained a perfect record since we opened our restaurant kitchen in 2017.

The sauce and topping containers are microwavable. DO NOT microwave the pasta containers.

We’re tree-huggers from way back and searched far and wide for packing materials that would maintain the quality of the product and have the smallest ecologic footprint. We ask that you re-use the containers provided and recycle when possible. In the kitchen we are 100% compliant with local recycling practices mandated by the local authorities. But we’d do it even if it wasn’t required.

 We offer huge portions. You’ll most likely have leftovers that you can bring to work the next day. Your co-workers will be jealous!

Questions About Our Service

Sure! Place your order at least 24 hours before pickup. Our pick up hours are noon to 4pm weekdays.

Yes but it’s more cost efficient for you if you order one or more meal plans, then select add-ons that best accent your meal selections.

If you can boil water and turn on a microwave your meal will be ready in 10 minutes. How easy is that?

No. The Twyrl@Home meal kit menu features fresh pasta, sauces, and toppings, that are foolproof to prepare and serve at home easily and quickly.

Twyrl@Home staff deliver every order Tuesdays through Fridays.

Twyrl@Home devotes the same level of attention to detail in our service as we do while preparing and serving food for our dining area of our restaurant. All our employees are trained to adhere to all safety guidelines.

Yes! Feel free to stop and re-start your subscriptions at any time, for any reason. (Please give us at least 24 hours notice whenever possible.)

Please place (or adjust) all orders online. It is the only way we can afford to have communication channels open to our customers 24/7.

The "online ordering" on the Twyrl Bistro restaurant website will take you to our take-out/pickup menu where you can choose traditional, hot take-out meals for pick up the same day.
The Twyrl@Home "meal kit" delivery is for cold meal kits available for next-day delivery or pick up to cook at home within 6 days.